The prince goes to the city, Milan, to meet a mysterious lady who turns out to be his niece. Travelling in a very elegant Lancia Aurelia Spider B24, a symbol of Italian design and industry in the world, and driven by the faithful Fefe, now more of a godchild than a butler, he chooses the secret enclave which is most similar to the atmospheres of the princely Rocca in Soragna: the Four Seasons Hotel.

Formerly the Convent of St. Mary of Jesus for more than three centuries, its cloister with a garden, which the very quiet suite of the Prince looks on to, conceals one of its dearest secrets: a small plant of precious basil that the nuns cultivated in the 16th century, essential for the most exquisite recipe of all: trenette with pesto. After a flying visit to the Michelin-starred kitchen of the hotel and to the place of Italian tailoring worthiest of the prince, under the centuries-old tree which offers its shade to the Garden, the table is laid and the dinner is ready...

The secret recipe will convert the cosmopolitan young lady, spoilt by the most cliched frivolous luxuries, to the refined pleasure offered by the Italian lifestyle, that the whole world seeks and envies: CHEERS!!



Giancarlo Giannini – the Prince of Soragna

Emanuele Angeloni - Fefé

Miriam Galanti - the Prince's niece


Emanuele Di Bacco


Adriano De Santis for Ensemble 3.0


The series of short films sponsored by Caruso which celebrates the wonders of Italy and all that is excellent about being Italian has been appreciated by film critics.

The Good Italian II - The Prince Goes to Milan, the second film in the saga presented at the January 2016 edition at Pitti Uomo, has already won ten prizes at the most important "Fashion Film Festivals" in the world −La Jolla, Berlin, London, Cape Town, Miami, Calgary, Chicago − and at the festival of Italian culture in Toronto, the "Italian Canadian Film Festival" (ICFF).

Among the many categories in which it has received awards, as well as Best Picture and Best Story, the prizes for the Best Casting and Best Actor stand out, together representing half the awards, thanks to the presence of Giancarlo Giannini, in the part of the refined Prince of Soragna, always accompanied by the legendary Fefé, the imaginary icon of Caruso elegance, played by the young actor Emanuele Angeloni.


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